Friday, August 30, 2013

From Stretches To Splits

Being able to do the splits seems to be a well known sign of flexibility. If you can do them, good for you (really I mean it). If you cannot do the splits and have always wanted to be able to, I have some good news for you: you can work your way up to doing the splits by simply stretching.

If you do the following stretches, over time you will increase the flexibility in the muscles and joints that allow you to do the splits properly:


Start on your hands and knees. Bring your right leg forward placing your right foot between your hands. Slowly slide your right heel forward until your right leg is straight. Lean forward over your right leg until you feel a stretch in your hamstring. Hold this position for 30 seconds with your right foot flexed and 30 seconds with your right foot pointed.

Starting from the split-prep hamstring stretch position, bend your right knee as you straighten your left knee and move your hips forward. Keep your left knee pointed toward the floor. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Switch legs to stretch the left hamstring and quadriceps.

Hip Flexors:

Place a pillow on a sturdy straight-backed chair. Stand in front of the chair with your back facing it. Bend forward and place your hands on the floor, bending your knees slightly. Lift your right leg back and place your knee on the pillow, resting your right ankle against the chair back. With your hands still planted firmly on the floor, move your left foot forward until your lower left leg -- from front ankle to knee -- is perpendicular to the floor, and your thigh is parallel to the floor. Lift your hands to your left thigh and gently press your torso toward an upright position. Switch legs to stretch your left hip flexors.


 Kneel with the insides of your knees, ankles, heels and big toes together. Concentrate on pressing the outsides of your calves and ankles in toward the centerline, as you sit back onto your heels.

**To read more detail, visit the original article at Livestrong.Com**

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