Friday, January 17, 2014

30 Day Plank Challenge

The other day when I was working out with my group personal training session, my trainer had mentioned that the source of most people's back pain (including my own) is from a weakened core. With that being said, since this seems to be such a prevalent problem, I thought I would post a core strengthening  30 Day challenge for all of us with weak (or not as strong as we would like) cores to follow.

It's as simple as it seems, but trust me, it will be challenging. Just follow each day, holding a plank for the specified amount of time - be careful to not round/arch your back as this will not be activating the proper muscles and can lead to further injury - you want to keep a flat back at all times.

If you're a superstar and this is not challenging enough, add a balance ball to make your stabilizer muscles work double time. Place a stability ball under your shins, bracing your core, with your hands placed directly under your shoulders and hold. To increase the difficulty even more, roll the stability ball further away from your knees - maximum difficulty will be with just your toes touching the ball.

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