Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome Home Laughter {Funny Doormats}

Have you ever stumbled upon a doormat when at the store, or even better, on someone's doorstep that made you laugh (or at least chuckle)? If so, this post is for you.

I was looking around on Pinterest the other day and came across some pretty amusing doormats, which in my opinion are pretty awesome, and why not give people something entertaining to read for the few seconds that they are waiting for you to answer your door?

Here were some of my favourites that I think you'll get a kick out of, even if you may have seen one or more of them before:

For those of you who think you're pretty awesome (and let's face it,  you probably are), here's a doormat that tells people upfront how awesome you are in advance - probably to prepare them for your awesomeness (yes, I know that's not a real word, but this post is for fun).

Why not save intruders and thieves the hassle of breaking in to your home by telling them that your neighbours have the better loot (that is if you don't like your neighbours of course).

My favourite doormat was this one, inspired by the movie Home Alone. If you haven't seen Home Alone, you won't really get this, so I suggest you follow this link to see a video clip. Otherwise, if you have seen Home Alone then you will appreciate this doormat already.

That's it folks! These were some of the most entertaining doormats that I came across (without being inappropriate with language - I try to keep this blog friendly for all ages). What was the funniest doormat you've ever seen?

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