Friday, January 24, 2014

Stainless Steel Countertops {Modern Kitchen}

For months now, my boyfriend and I have been at odds in the style that we agree upon for our future kitchen; he likes ultra modern, where I like more transitional kitchens. With his obsession of modern kitchens also comes his "need" for at least 1 stainless steel countertop (this comes from his history of working in restaurant kitchens).

At first I hated this idea, then eventually I agreed to a stainless steel countertop in the island (which would have a false over so that it could be hidden). However, as of this past weekend, I have agreed to a stainless steel perimeter countertop, and a quartz island. The reason for my change of heart was largely due to the following kitchens that I found online.

Loving this monochromatic design. Dark stained slab style cabinetry,with a european high gloss island. Beautiful!

Warming up what could otherwise be a cold and industrialized design, this kitchen uses warm toned stained cabinetry, with brushed stainless steel accents that compliment the stainless steel countertops. What a great use of an otherwise cold material.

This final kitchen is more along the lines of my boyfriend's dream kitchen. With it's large professional grade kitchen appliances, and stainless steel cabinetry and countertops, this is a cook's dream kitchen in the comfort of your own home!

Can you see now what stainless steel countertops can be more beautiful than you thought before?

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