Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Copper Penny Art

During one of my usual pinning sprees on Pinterest, I came across this awesome DIY project for wall art made out of old pennies! This is a perfect way to use up any old pennies that you have lying around that you haven't deposited in  the bank (I don't know what your country has done with pennies, but Canada recently got rid of our penny in the summer).

So this post is thanks to blogger Rebecca of The Crafted Sparrow. Have fun and start making your very own copper penny wall art!

What you'll need:
 Paper mache letters
Weldbond glue (or your choice of glue)
Copper acrylic paint
Paint brush
Clear spray sealer

How To:

Start by painting your paper mache letters copper! I did two layers and that was enough to cover the paper mache. After I painted it copper I used a gunmetal silver color with a dry brush technique to give it a bit of a patina.

Then get your glue ready. You'll also want to start picking out your "good" pennies. I picked mostly shiny, but threw a few duller ones into the mix. That creates character.

Then I laid out the pennies on each letter ahead of time. That way I new exactly what pattern, and placement they were going to be in. I put most face up, but did some face down too. Then you just glue until your hearts content. When you've got them all glued on and they are all dry (let it sit for at least 24 hrs) you can spray them with a clear satin or glossy spray paint. I did it to protect the penny's and the copper paint on the paper mache.

That's it! Now enjoy your very own copper wall art.

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