Monday, February 3, 2014

Encouraging Creativity {DIY Stage/Runway}

If you have kids, or young children in your life, you will know how creative kids can be and how large their imaginations are. With that being said, I like to encourage creativity in children and adults alike which is why I think the following DIY project is perfect for your home if you have children!
DIY Stage (or Runway):
This idea is great for children who like to perform little plays, sing and/or dance, or even practice their fierce walk down the runway as a model. Keep in mid for your little future models out there, you will need a slightly longer runway than the stage you see pictured above.
All you really need is some 3/4" plywood, wood stain or paint in a colour of your choosing, and some nails to hold it all together. If you want to get fancy and add some curtains go right ahead. Be creative and have fun!
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