Thursday, June 27, 2013

Land Sports Meet Water {Aqua Spin Classes}

During one of my many Pinterest sprees I came across this amazing fact: there is such a thing as "Aqua Spin Classes".

I am already I lover of the classic Spin classes, but find that since I have bad knees that if I do a Spin class more than 3 times a week that my knees start feeling the pain. With Aqua Spin classes, this problem can be eliminated!

Spark People describes Aqua Spinning as "a high-intensity workout in the water. The use of water supports the body and reduces the risk of sports injuries. It is a great form of exercise for people with joint problems and those who want an intense workout" .

So not only would you be getting a great workout that will torch calories and burn fat (also think of the added challenge and resistance in the water), but you will also help to reduce injuries that can otherwise set you back from achieving your fitness goals. I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to find an Aqua Spinning class near me!

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