Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vanities Just For Her

Every girl (and woman) should love their bathroom.

For men the bathroom can tend to be just another necessary room in the home to clean up after a long day at work or to get ready in the morning, but for women it is so much more. A woman`s bathroom can be an escape from the stresses of everyday life and routine, a place to come to and unwind: a sanctuary.

This is why a bathroom must be decorated tastefully and in a way that makes you want to stay there to relax and escape. A space you will love, and not consider as "just another room".  So why not design your bathroom in a way that reflects you and your personality?

This bathroom for example is perfect for the girly girl, or the woman who loves pink. Using bright and fun colours that reflect you and your personality to paint your vanity like this, while keeping other aspects of the room neutral (if not completely white like you see here) is a great way top liven up your bathroom and add interest.

I can see this as a prefect bathroom for a little girl. Or change up the colour and paint the vanity turquoise, sky blue, or purple. There are so many possibilities.

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