Monday, April 8, 2013

A New Chapter

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, Decor Lust. You may be wondering what you will find on this blog in the following days and onward, and what to expect from my posts. This blog will be exploring my top 3 areas of interest; interior decor, physical fitness, and various types of cuisine. Not only these topics my interests, they are my passion!

Now to shed some light on who I am (as I'm sure you may be wondering), I will tell you a little more about myself. My name is Leanne and I am a recent graduate of Sheridan College's Interior Decorating program. I decided to go into interior decorating after a short lived time studying Biological Sciences at Wilfrid Laurier University, as I discovered that (as our parents and loved ones always tell us when we're young) money is not everything, and there is no point staying in a job for money if at the end of the day you do not love what you are doing. So with that being said, I took a huge leap and dived in head first to one of my life long passions, interior decorating, and I can honestly say I have no regrets and am already happier in my life because of it.

Other than interior decorating, which is not only my passion but my career as well, I am also a fitness junkie, and a food fanatic. Now when I say fitness junkie I do not mean, I go to the gym and walk on a treadmill in the hottest new workout gear and barely break a sweat; I am the girl you see at the gym with a look of hard determination lifting the heavy weights and glistening with sweat (I can spend hours at the gym just because I love it and I know how great it is for my overall health and well being). On top of that, I love all things food! I love trying new foods and international cuisines, and I love to cook and bake.

So with all of that being said I hope you stick around and enjoy what is to come; a wonderful assortment of posts in my favourite things in life: interior decor, fitness & cuisine.

Take care,


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