Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is one of my best friend's birthdays, she turns 22 today. And in my own way of celebrating her birthday, as well as my many other April born friend's birthdays this month, I decided to focus today's post on Birthday Cake flavoured food & drink items.

Happy Birthday to my good friend, and anyone else celebrating their birthday!

I know I'd love to wake up to this first thing in the morning on my birthday. Delicious, and what a wake up call with that sugar rush!

Yummy birthday cake flavoured fudge. Rich and creamy, with playful rainbow sprinkles. What a great treat.

if you have not experienced birthday cake flavoured ice cream (or frozen yogurt), you must! So great and combines the classic of having cake with ice cream, but in one complete dish.

For the adult crowd; why not kick off your celebrations with this cute birthday cake martini? Sounds good to me. And for a non-alcoholic version try making a milkshake instead (possibly use the birthday cake flavoured ice cream to do so).

I think you'll agree that birthdays can be so much fun, whether it's your special day, or you're taking part in the festivities. Enjoy yourself & have fun!

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