Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Exposed {Exposed Ceilings}

While I was doing ab work at the gym today, looking up I noticed the details in the ceiling. Now when I say details, I don't mean fine details and decor accents, I mean standard architectural details such as piping, electrical wires, and duct work. This made me think about different types of exposed ceilings and how they can add different qualities to a space that can be quite interesting. Here are some images that showcase exposed ceilings in different settings and decor styles:

The beams in this vaulted ceiling draw the eye upwards while filling in what could be an awkward gap of space, and brings attention to the existing architecture of the home.

The architectural beams and exposed duct work in this contemporary loft add an industrial feel to the space, while the decor keeps the space looking fresh and warm.

The ceiling in this office building maintains an industrial feel by having the duct work and electrical visible, but also adds visual interest and a secondary focal point to the room with the wooden beam grid & light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

The exposed framework and beams in the ceiling add a charm to this traditional space, while creating a very warm and welcoming atmosphere with the warm tones of the natural wood and overall colour scheme of this living room.

So often we forget to look up and admire the details and beauty of architecture and fine details in ceilings, but if we take time to stop and observe, it's amazing what we can discover.

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