Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Etiquette: Not Just for Dinner Parties

As I've mentioned before, I'm a gym junkie, so naturally I tend to notice things, little quirks and habits, that people tend to do at the gym (I have them too). Whether it's getting all of your gear situated by setting up your i-pod and water bottle before commencing your cardio workout (I do this), or methodically going from working your upper body to lower body in a circuit style routine, you name it we all have something that we do, whether we're conscious of it or not.

It's from observing people (which you can't help but do when you're confined in a space with people for an extended duration of time) that I have come to notice that not everyone in the gym follows gym etiquette. This may be because people may be unaware, or simply forget when they're "in the zone", but I thought I'd write about the top 6 gym etiquette practices that people tend to over look (whether it's one rule or all of them). 

Rule #1: Disinfect & Wipe Down Equipment After You've Used Them

Think of all the dirt and germs that can accumulate and then rub off on you from equipment that is dirty; I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like to sit down on a sweaty bench, and neither would the next person after you. Be polite, please wipe.

Rule #2: Don't Hogg Equipment

Don't hogg equipment, especially if it's a busy time of the day and you can clearly see people waiting for the machine that you are on. We all want to get the most out of our workout, so please be gracious to your fellow gym members and share the equipment.

Rule #3: Put Your Weights and Equipment Back In Its Rightful Place

It's just like your parents and kindergarten teachers used to tell you: put things back where you found them. However, if you found them on the gym floor, refer to the other parental/kindergarten advice "always leave a space in better shape than you found it". I know it may sound juvenile but these are valuable pieces of advice that can make your life easier and a more enjoyable environment for everyone (this translates into other areas of life other than the gym as well). 

Rule #4: Don't Talk On Your Phone

Okay, I'm not saying that if someone calls you shouldn't answer you phone at all. However, if you must take a call (emergencies do happen) please make it short and do not be obnoxiously loud, or call the person back after your workout. This isn't just for your fellow gym members' sake but your own; I'm sure you'd like to concentrate on your workout as well without being interrupted with a phone call.

Rule #5: Do Not Eat On The Gym Floor

Unless it's a granola bar or protein bar (something with minimal mess and odour), you should not bring food onto the gym floor. Not only can it be messy but it can be annoying to other members. If you can, save the snack for after your workout.

Rule #6: Do Not Scream Or Grunt Excessively

This photo was taken by :Pavel Ythjall of  Pavel Ythjall Photography. 

Loud grunting and screaming is not necessary. Not only can this be very distracting to everyone around you but it can be alarming to others if all of a sudden they hear a loud scream. Please keep the volume to a minimum.

If people follow these 6 simple rules of etiquette, everyone using the gym could be equally happy and enjoy their workout.

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