Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Skinny Jean Ready Legs {Skinny Jeans Workout}

On Friday of last week, I decided to look through my fitness routines that I have accumulated over the years to find a routine for legs that I hadn't tried yet. I came across this routine from Women's Health Magazine, called "The Skinny Jeans Workout" that, to my surprise, I still had not tried yet. So after a 20 minute interval run on the treadmill I gave it a try (with some modifications to add an extra challenge), and my legs are still sore!

In case you are curious as to what modifications I had made to this routine, I will list them;

1.) Instead of 10-12 reps for each exercise, I did 12-15 reps

2.) For the stability lunge I planted my front foot on top of a bosu ball, and instead of placing my hands over head, I placed my hands at my sides with a 12 lb weight in each hand.

3.) For the single-leg arm reach, I changed it by placing 12 lb weights in each hand for added resistance

4.) For the cable pull through, instead of a cable machine (because it was in use at the time and I wanted to minimize my rest time between sets) I used a 15 lb kettlebell, swinging it from between my legs up to shoulder height, holding for 1 second, then lowering & repeat.

I definitely suggest trying this routine. I know I will be doing it again! And trust me, it's harder than it looks.

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