Thursday, April 25, 2013

Honey Bee Colour Palette {Black & Yellow}

More and more we are seeing colour palettes that are inspired by nature. Whether it's pinks and purples from a flower, or neutrals from a sandy beach with stones and driftwood, these colour palettes are guaranteed to be harmonious and beautiful. 

Here are some breath-taking interiors with a honey bee inspired colour palette; bold black and bright yellow.

This bathroom uses black and yellow in a bold chevron pattern painted on the walls to add drama and a contemporary twist to this otherwise traditional bathroom design.

This contemporary living room uses a mid toned yellow couch to add a punch of colour and cheer to this monochromatic room. 

This modern dining room uses yellow accents to liven up the space. With the metropolitan aerial map wallpaper, the yellow accents are reminiscent of the yellow paint on a taxi.

This bathroom uses a bright yellow wall colour, paired with black and white accents to create an energizing space with a sophisticated atmosphere. 

Which of these 4 designs is your favourite? I know that I can't pick just one.

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