Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Make it Pop {Red, White & Black Colour Combinations}

Black & white is most definitely a classic, there is no question about it; screaming elegance and class. But, what happens when we add a bright tertiary colour into the mix?

You make the room pop!

Black, white & red are by far one of my favourite colour schemes, not just in a room but in clothing and accessories as well. I don't know about you, but to me these colours add impact to a space that can be desirable in various styles, like in the following images:

This contemporary studio apartment has a clean look with it's organic lines and dominant use of white in the colour scheme of the room, while adding impact with the sparing use of both black and red in the furniture and accessories.

Transitional spaces don't have to be boring. As you see in this living room, a neutral space can be brought to life with the use of vibrant pops if colour like you see here in the toss cushion and floral arrangement, as well as the black accessories and coffee table.

This traditional foyer wakes up the senses with it's bold use of red on the walls paired with the black and white marble floors. A perfect mixture of class, elegance, and spunk.

One could really feel at home in this modern living area. With the careful use of black and white that is not too bright or too heavy, and a perfect amount of red keeping this room cozy and fresh in its modern design.  And let's be honest, that area rug looks so plush and cozy, how couldn't you love this room, if not for that one accent piece?

I hope you enjoyed these rooms and this colour combination as much as I did.

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