Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Running For A Happier Life

Have you ever stopped and wondered what if everyone in the world did 1 thing, made 1 change, and what difference would that make? I know that I have thought this quite a few time in my life about various things, but I have to admit, I never asked myself the question "what if everybody ran?".

Well, although you and I may not have asked ourselves this question, luckily for us an athletic apparel company, Mizuno, did ask this question, and with the help of the University of North Carolina, they found out some interesting answers.

As you can see from the pictograph above, if everybody ran not only would it help people on an individual basis, but it would also affect communities, and even the world.

I think that based on these statistics, the world could be a happier and healthier place if everyone ran. What do you think?

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