Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amazing Swimming Pools

Spring has sprung, and soon people across Canada and the northern USA will be opening their outdoor pools for the summer months.

So I thought I would share some awesome swimming pool designs.

This multi-level swimming pool is jaw-dropping amazing. Starting with a hot tub that overflows into the large hourglass shaped pool, which then overflows into a small wading pool.

A sun bather's dream. This is genius; water attracts sunlight and can give you an even better tan (from personal experience). Why not take a dip, and take a tanning break on this contoured tanning slab in the center of the pool.

This is so cool. An underground cavernous pool complete with a water wall in the back corner and a rain shower in the ceiling.

This pool is from a hotel in Maui. With a rock bridge/waterfall suspended over the center of the pool, this simulates a tropical oasis.

I would love to have, or at least experience each and every one of these pools. How about you?

Take Care,



  1. Hi Leanne, some great choices here. I agree with your theory about water attracting sunlight, although I rarely get to sunbathe around water in England unless it's a puddle! But that tanning slab would drive me insane, I like to get out of the pool and air dry but the worse thing would be having to get back in the water to leave! I'm getting a pool installed by the team at the start of summer, I'm going to ask how much it would cost to replicate a smaller version of the above but with a stone bridge connecting the slab to the 'shore.'

  2. Hi Barry. I agree, it would be difficult to get back into the pool once you're dried off and ready to go. Your idea of trying to replicate this slab and making it accessible to the shore it brilliant. I hope you can achieve this because that would be amazing. I hope it goes well!