Friday, May 10, 2013

Less Is More {White Colour Scheme}

While at work today, I spoke to a very nice woman who was on the fence about painting her bedroom all white. As we spoke more I came to understand that it wasn't the colour itself that she was unsure of, but rather, the effect that painting all of her walls white would give to the room; would it be too boring? too bright? would it resemble a hospital or mental health facility?

The more I discussed the possibilities to avoid a sterile and cold feel to her room, and ways to add colour in other places than her walls, she began to see the true potential to an all white wall colour. By simply adding pops of colour to the room with artwork, accessories, and colourful accent cushions, an all white room can become very warm & inviting, and visually interesting.

Here are some beautiful rooms that I found showing the beauty of an all white wall colour when paired with colourful accent pieces:

As you can see in this room, the accessories and floral arrangement adds colour and life to this sitting room.

Visual interest and excitement is added to this room  with these funky zebra print chairs and a pop of vibrant fushia is added with the large accent cushions.

Doesn't this bedroom look clean and cozy? The white walls reflect and softens the natural light that comes through the windows, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, while the art work on the walls and the coverlet on the edge of the bed liven up the room with a punch of color.

This bright and clean white kitchen uses colourful breakfast bar stools and fresh flowers and plants to bring life and vibrancy to the room.

As you can see, having all white walls may seem scary at first, but can be quite interesting and appealing.

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