Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bringing Back Wallpaper

When someone says the word "wallpaper" there are usually 2 main thoughts that come to mind: 
1) Eww, wallpaper. So tacky.


2) Oooh...wallpaper. So pretty.

That's right, you either love it or hate it.
 I find that sometimes half of the people who think they hate it, really don't hate it at all, they've just been looking for it in all of the wrong places where selection is limited and therefore cannot show the true potential and beauty of wallpaper. So let's take a look at some beautiful selections:

For people who either do not want to commit to the semi permanence of wallpapering their walls (renters and/or individuals with "commitment-phobia"), you can add interest to a room by framing wallpaper and turning it into art.

Make your room pop by using a bright and/or bold wallpaper to create a accent wall for your space. This not only creates visual interest to a room, but it also adds excitement to an otherwise boring space.

Cool idea using these scrapes of wood right? Imagine how much of a hassle it would've been to square all of that up and hammer it all into the wall (not to mention all of the holes in the wall to fill later if you tire of this look). That's why it's so great that you can achieve looks like a brick wall, concrete, or wood paneling like this one by using wallpaper. No muss, no fuss. 

Add a natural appeal and warmth to a room by using wallpaper made from natural materials like in this washroom. Bamboo, grass-cloth or jute are some options of wallpaper made of natural fibers that are not only beautiful, but are also environmentally friendly and a sustainable product. Not only can you add depth and warmth to your room by using wallpaper made from natural fibers, but you can also help reduce your carbon foot print at the same time.

As you can see, wallpaper can be very beautiful, and is an easy way to update a room & add visual interest. You just need to look around past your local department stores and hardware stores to find some really cool stuff.

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