Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Centerpiece

Sometimes when you're entertaining guests during the festive seasons, there's so much preparation with the food that sometimes the centerpiece at your dining table is the last thing on your mind.

Why not wow your guests with something beautiful & natural like this:

Find a decent sized (and not rotten) tree branch, hollow out a few equally spaced holes to fit some tea-lights (you can get large packs at the dollar store for real cheap). Next use burlap or a festively coloured table runner and place down the center of your table.

Now place the log with the your tea-lights on top of the table runner, and strategically scatter mini pumpkins & gourds around it. For an added touch, like you see in the picture above, buy artificial leaves from the dollar store and disperse them randomly.

There you have it; a beautiful fall centerpiece.

In the winter you can always re-use the log (as long as it wasn't rotting), and wrap the ends with festive ribbon, and add pine branches & a few miniature Christmas ornaments in place of the pumpkins & gourds.

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