Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scare Worthy Serving {Halloween Decor}

Happy Halloween!

Whether you are handing out candy to little witches and ghosts tonight or having a party, why not make things a little more interesting when dishing out those treats tonight?

Get creative like you see here by using a decorative skeleton or other scary dummy and dress it up and have some fun by letting it do the work and serve your guests.

Do something similar to this or stuff some old clothes and place a fake head (or pumpkin head if you want to do a Sleepy Hollow theme), and place it on a chair with a bowl of treats in it's hands (or lap).

Someone did something similar to this when I was a kid and I remember how cool my friends and I thought it was compared to the other houses where people just left a bowl of candy on the porch that said "please take 1".

Take Care & Have Fun,


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