Monday, October 14, 2013

Military Diet

Yesterday my personal trainer spoke to my group about the Military Diet. He tried this himself and is currently doing it at the moment and he swears by it (he lost 12 lbs in 1 week).

I found this very interesting as it's a strict diet, but it only lasts for 3 days and can give you dramatic results. What's even better is you only really need to do it once a month until you reach your goal weight.

So here it is, the Military Diet:

If there were some items that you saw that you thought "I can't do this plan because I would never eat that food", I have good news; there are substitutions that you can make for various components of this diet so that you can do it. No excuses people. But to keep the diet effective you must limit your substitutions to a maximum of 3 per day.

I cannot wait to give this plan a try. Awesome!

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  1. I just finished by last day of the Military Diet (my first time trying it) and I kid you not, I lost 10lbs in 3 days. Amazing!
    Personally I found that I was surprisingly full with the exception of the last day (I felt very hungry between lunch and dinner), and I only made a few substitutions.

    I changed the hard boiled egg to a fried egg, and changed the cottage cheese to cheddar cheese.
    I almost substituted the grapefruit because I usually hate eating them, but after some research I found that the grapefruit acts as a PH stabilizer and helps the body to torch fat more effectively than using an orange.

    I also only exercised lightly for the 3 days (nothing too intense, just 20-30 minute walks with my dogs and some light weight training) and I still lost 10 lbs.

    Imagine what could happen if you incorporated more intense exercise. Wow!