Monday, March 17, 2014

Apartment Hunting Checklist {Want vs Need}

Are you currently at a new and exciting chapter of your life and are looking to move to a new apartment or home? If this sounds like you, stay put, because I am going to give you some handy advice on apartment (or house) hunting and how to narrow down your ideal fit!

Very recently I ended a 3 year relationship and am now faced looking for a new apartment; it is a situation that is filled with mixed feelings but overall I know it is leading me to a new and exciting chapter of my life. I also have one of my best friends who is actively searching in Toronto for her first condo. Recently we had a conversation about house hunting and she was expressing how she was a bit overwhelmed on finding a place that was the right fit. This is when I explained to her the apartment/house hunting checklist.

How the checklist works is that you have 3 columns; "Need", "Want", and what I like to refer to as "Bonus". Now comes the fun part; make a separate list of all the things you would ideally have in your dream apartment/home. Once you have this list, look at each item and really think hard; ask yourself questions like "if the place doesn't have this item, is it a total deal breaker?" (for me, if a place doesn't allow dogs, it is out of the running 100%), also ask "is this something that is nice but I could easily live without?".
 These are the questions that will determine which category your items will go into. 

Once you have a complete list of "Needs", "Wants", and "Bonuses" you can bring that list as a reminder when you go apartment/house hunting and take notes on what each place has to offer. This way you can sit down later and consider all of your options fully and come up with your best fit!

I hope that this post will make your hunt/move a little less overwhelming/stressful.

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