Monday, November 4, 2013

Crustless Skillet Pizza

Have you ever had a craving for greasy pizza with gooey cheese, but stopped yourself because you didn't want to break your diet by ingesting extra carbs?

Well no problem, I have a healthier alternative for you: crustless skillet pizza.


Mozzarella cheese (1/2 cup to 1 cup should be enough)
Toppings of your choosing (be careful not to overload)

  • Set pan over medium high heat. Add a layer of Mozzarella cheese to the bottom of the pan. When the cheese starts bubbling, add toppings being careful not to overload them.
  • Start watching the edges of the cheese. When the edges start to brown, you can use a spatula to lift the them.
  • Once the edges are browned all the way around, you can carefully slide the spatula under the “pizza” and slide it off onto a plate.
  • Now you just have to let the pizza cool a bit so the cheese will firm up (2-3 mins). Then you can use a pizza cutter to slice it up.

This is a great recipe; not only is it simple & easy, it's also a bit better for you than getting a large slice from your nearest pizza joint.

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