Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Foyer Decor {Wall Mounted Console}

If you're like me, you don't really like vacuuming. But if you're really like me, then what you dislike most about vacuuming is having to move furniture to do so; the key pieces of furniture that require moving in my house are tables.

It may seem so small, but I find moving tables to be a nuisance. So what's better than a wall mounted table to eliminate this issue all together?

A wall mounter "console table" is my perfect solution to the floor clutter and furniture moving predicament.
It's so easy and pretty cheap as a DIY project as well; you can get everything that you need from your local Home Depot store.

All you need is a plank of wood, decorative (or plain if you choose) support brackets, screws & wall anchors, and paint or wood stain of your choosing. Just make sure that your support brackets are large enough and sturdy to be able to support your countertop and any items that you plan to place ontop of its surface.

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