Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Holiday Wreaths

Do you find more and more that when it comes to shopping for holiday decorations, that some items are either too over the top, or just not right for your liking? If so, I'm right with you on that one.

I've been looking around fo a wreath for my apartment door that I find fits my style but isn't too generic: so far nothing has caught my eye, at least that I'd be willing to spend my hard earned cash on. So now I'm thinking of DIY. That's right, I will be making my own holiday wreath.

I will be personally using this wreath as inspiration for my own DIY candy cane themed wreath.

You will need the following:
1 x Polystyrene ring
Collection of contrasting ribbons in different sizes
Wired ribbon
Dress making Pins
Buttons (I used sequins and pinned them into place)

Now that you have everything that you need, here's how you make your very own wreath:
1. Start by pinning the end of your chosen background ribbon to the polystyrene ring. Begin to wrap the ring with the ribbon until completely covered. You can use pins as you go to make it more secure.
2. Choose a contrasting coloured ribbon and again wrap around the polystyrene ring, this time leaving a 5cm gap between each wrap.
3. Lastly wrap a thinner ribbon between the gaps of the last ribbon.
4. Using wired ribbon make a bow and pin on to the polystyrene ring (or skip a step and buy a pre-made bow from the dollar store)
5. Add some buttons (or sequins like I did)  to complete the design. I glued mine but you could pin these too.
6. To finish, pin a piece of ribbon to the back of the polystyrene ring.
Congrats, you've now made your very own wreath!

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