Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Mail Organizer

Recently I was out looking for a mail organizer, because my boyfriend likes to leave mail pretty much on every surface of the apartment and I was hoping if he had a designated area to place his mail, the problem would either fix itself or diminish.

However, as I looked around I either found that mail organizers are hard to find (not many stores carry them anymore), or the ones that I could find were not very pretty (think tacky varnished wood with roosters painted on it). So with that being said, here's how you can turn those not so pretty mail organizers into something a little more to your taste.

What you will need:

Mail Organizer
Fine Grain Sand Paper
Medium & Small Paint Brushes (you'll need a small one for nooks and crannies)
Paint in the colour(s) of your choice


Take your mail organizer and sand the surface down with fine grain sand paper to remove any existing finish/paint.

Once the surface is free of the previous finish/paint, "paint" the entire surface of the wood with water. This is to prep the wood for painting.

Once the wood feels dry to the touch start painting in the colour(s) of your choice.

Let Dry completely in a well ventilated area.

And just like that, you're done!

Take Care,


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